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Which organisation supports sustainable palm oil?


65% of people get this wrong

Factually, the WWF, Orangutan Land Trust and Chester Zoo all support sustainable palm oil. The reason is that sustainable palm oil has the highest yield per hectare of any vegetable oil crop. If any other oil were used to replace it there would need to be 4-10 times more land used, causing even greater loss of animal habitation for our planet.

WWF believes that palm oil can contribute to sustainability if it’s managed properly.

Chester Zoo acknowledges that palm oil itself is not necessarily bad and that palm oil supplies 35% of the world’s vegetable oil from just 10% of the global land dedicated to oil crops.

Meanwhile, the Orangutan Land Trust understands that palm oil is “here to stay” because the demand for all edible crops will continue to rise and sustainable palm oil is the highest yielding and most versatile oil crop to produce.

The challenge, if there is a boycott of palm oil which fails to distinguish between conventional and sustainable palm oil, then other lower-yielding crops will take its place and could cause even greater risk of deforestation and loss of habitat for our wild animals.

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